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Cat Health Stricture Colon Problems

Friday, December 7, 2012

A problem that cats encounter and is commonly seen is the cat health stricture colon problem. The large intestine reduces in size and limits movement causing the large intestine lumen size reduction. This problem may result from injury or because of an underlying health problem. In any case, the problem needs immediate attention to correct so the cat can return to good health.

Cat Health

Causes of the Stricture Colon
One cause of a stricture colon problem comes from genetics or from a nutritional unbalance. Immune disorders and infection also cause the cat health stricture colon in a cat. The problem with the colon results for many reasons and with proper medical care, this problem will clear up in most cases. Determining the cause, helps determine how to treat the health problem.

How to tell if the Cat has a Colon Stricture
The first sign that the cat may have a colon stricture is diarrhea. If your cat has an upper intestine problem, it will come with vomiting, whereas a lower intestine problem causes diarrhea. You may notice blood or mucus in the diarrhea as the cat becomes less and less able to go to the bathroom at all. Along with this the colon stricture, the cat eats less and will become listless as they take in less food and become weak. It is possible for a cat with this problem to miss the litter box, as they need to relieve themselves immediately.
Cat has a Colon Stricture
Cat Health Stricture Colon Diagnosis
Diagnosis of the large colon disorder deals with knowing the history of the cat and how long the diarrhea has been exhibited. The veterinary clinic may keep the cat overnight to watch for other signs and may decide what treatment will best work on the cat. Radiography works well for finding the affect area of the stricture colon as well as ultra sound, which has proved the effectiveness of finding the problem with the stricture colon and any other problems a cat has.

Treatments for the Cat Health Stricture Colon
A veterinarian must determine what is causing the stricture colon problem and then determine what the proper treatment must consist of to cure the cat. If by chance the cause results from an allergy, the vet will recommend changing the diet to eliminate the problem. If the problem stems from an infection of some kind, the vet will prescribe an antibiotic, but if the problem looks severe, the vet may recommend surgery. Without proper treatment, the cat can become so ill they will die.

Cat has a Colon Stricture problem
Cat health stricture colon treatments help eliminate the problem, but you still need to watch the cat in case of a reoccurrence. The major concern with a large intestine issue is dehydration and lack of appetite. If these things are not corrected immediately, conditions that are more serious will cause the cat to possibly die from this health problem. Early prevention prevents this from happening and becoming more serious.

Why The Cat Litter Box Cabinet Is Gaining Popularity

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Every cat owner will be sure to have at least a couple of litter boxes around. This is also often the least liked item related to cats because they are pretty unsightly. Most cat owners tend to place the cat litter box in a bathroom, basement and sometimes, even in the closet. Such placements serve a dual purpose – keeps the cat’s privacy intact as well as hides the box from view.

Cat Litter Box Cabinet Is Gaining Popularity
Cat Litter Box Cabinet
Size of the Cabinet Depends On How Big the Cat Is

The cat litter box cabinet is probably one of the most popular items which help to hide the cat box inside a wooden cabinet and is versatile providing easy access to the inside with openings on the sides. It is also easy to clean and because it serves a number of purposes, is quite useful. The size of the cat litter box cabinet depends on the size of the cat and one can place it anywhere in the house without feeling embarrassed. One may even place books, knick-knacks on top just as if it was an end table or book case.

To keep one’s cats in good health, buying cat litter box cabinets as well as other accessories could be the most important purchase a cat owner will ever make. Cat litter box avoidance as well as litter box accidents are the main reasons why cats get surrendered to shelters. Therefore, it is necessary to help the cat develop good litter box habits by not only keeping the litter box fresh and clean, but also by using cat litter box cabinets to make it an item that blends well with your d├ęcor.

It is time to stop wasting time cleaning up litter mess near the cat’s litter pan as well as keeping track of litter all over the home. Instead, use a self-contained cat litter box cabinet such as Out of Sight Litter Box that is designed to be easy on cat owners. It has a litter pan located off the floors so that the cat owner does not have to bend over or kneel to clean up – all that is required is to just open the top lid and clean.

A nice cat litter box cabinet can have both its insides as well as outside finished with a moisture-proof polyurethane finish. It should also have its joints throughout the inside of the cabinet sealed to ensure that urine as well as odors does not penetrate the wood. Every eight to ten months, the insides of the cabinet require cleaning with bleach and water, are lightly sanded as well as require good polyurethane applied to keep the cabinet moisture proof. Taking care of the cabinet will ensure that the you and your cat can live comfortably.

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